The J&A language syllabus, is built around 6 distinct learning steps so as to ensure that most students progress easily through the basics of spoken Thai Language to a more advanced level of ability.

Our lessons make extensive use of the J&A Study books that have been designed to provide a fully structured approach to each of your lessons throughout your course of studies.

Step 1- Introductory Course (Survival Thai)

This introductory set of lessons is a must for all visitors or business people who come to Thailand. Students who successfully complete Survival Thai are much better equipped to get around Thailand, and consequently this is one of our most popular services.

Lessons 1 – 10

  • Thai Language Tones, Vowels & Consonants
  • Numbers (Telephone, Prices, Shopping)
  • Greetings, Apologies, Farewell, Days of the week
  • Introductions, Occupation, Position, What and Where
  • Questions, Answers, Adjectives, Verbs
  • Locations, Directions

Step 2:  Advanced Basic

For those who have mastered the introductory Survival Thai Course, a progression to the Advanced Basic course is highly recommended. Completion of a further 10 lessons at this level should ensure confidence in most situations where Thai is spoken.

Lessons 11 – 20

  • Daily Tasks
  • Telling the time
  • Locations
  • Talking to the Maid
  • Going to the Restaurant
  • The Human Body & going to the Doctor

Step 3:  Intermediate

The Intermediate course expands more fully on the basic language that has been taught in the first 20 lessons. At this level of learning, there is much greater emphasis placed on Telephone, Direction and Travel.

At the Intermediate level, we also offer the option for students to start learning the requirements of reading and writing Thai.

If the reading and writing option is taken up, approximately 30 minutes out of every 90-minute lesson session will then be dedicated to this facet of study.

 Lessons 21 – 100

  • Month / Years
  • Colour
  • At the Office and Home
  • Telephone
  • Directions
  • At the Market
  • Having a Vacation
  • At the Hospital / Doctor
  • Life in Thailand

Step 4:  Advanced Intermediate

The Advanced Intermediate course is tailored more closely to the needs of business people and is extremely popular with our many international business students.

This course should only be attempted after successful completion of Steps 1 through to 3 of the J&A syllabus.

Emphasis is placed on the following key areas:

  • Conducting a business meeting
  • Visiting a customer
  • Talking with a supplier
  • Speaking to an employee

Step 5:  Advanced

At the Advanced level, we depart from structured textbook use. Students are now encouraged to accompany our teachers into a variety of business or social situations, where conversations are only in Thai. These are a lot of fun, and our experienced teachers are close at hand to help out if required.

Step 6:  Expert

Students who have reached this level of proficiency are considered to be expert. It is at this point that we encourage students to be able to read and write Thai if they have not already started this process at the Intermediate level.

Throughout Level 6, there is special emphasis placed on being able to read the daily Thai Language newspapers, where students are invited to comment or question on major news stories.