Thai Lessons at Jentana & Associates (J&A) are interactive and good fun through the Q&A system personally developed by Jentana.
As a testament to both the quality of lessons and the comprehensive coverage offered in each and every lesson, J&A has many of Thailand’s leading foreign owned companies and diplomatic missions as customers. Importantly, each and every students learning needs and ability to learn are catered for.


1 Personal Interview
Learning Thai is an investment in both personal time and money. For that reason Jentana personally attempts to meet each new student to ensure the best possible outcome. 2 Lessons required to Speak Thai Confidently
Providing students attempt to keep to their lesson program and compliment this with some private study the results can be truly exciting. 3 We recommend the following to all of students
20 initial Lessons of 90 minutes to start to speak with confidence.
The first 10 lessons should be completed within 6 weeks.
At least 15 to 20 minutes of personal study each day.
Speak Thai with Thai people. They don’t mind if you are not perfect.


The students of Jentana & Associates succeed because J&A always to the ability, personality and time commitments of each and every student.

Through significant experience Jentana has identified that a personal 1 on 1 lesson approach, allows most students to progress rapidly in their uptake and comprehension of their Thai Language lessons.


Jentana Ngamkhiaw

Founder & CEO