Speak Thai Syllabus

The J&A language syllabus, is built around 6 distinct learning steps so as to ensure that most students progress easily through the basics of spoken Thai Language to a more advanced level of ability.

Our lessons make extensive use of the J&A Study books that have been designed to provide a fully structured approach to each of your lessons throughout your course of studies.

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Reading & Writing Syllabus

Step 1: Basic  (Lessons 1 – 10)

  • General understanding of Thai consonants
  • Standard Rules
  • Low Class Consonant (ง ม น ย ร ล ว)
  • Middle Class Consonant – Part 1 (ก จ ด ต ปบ ป อ)
  • Low Class Consonant – Part 2 (ค ช ท ซ พ ฟ ฮ)
  • Tone Marks ( อ่ อ้  อ๊  อ๋ )

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